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At our clinic office visits are simple and stress free. Many people are anxious about what a visit to a doctor will be like, especially speaking about their personal symptoms. We know doctor’s visits can be frustrating.

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ESA is a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit, such as alleviating or mitigating some symptoms of the disability, to an individual with a mental or pshychiatric ability. ESAs are typically dogs and cats, but may include other animals.


Benefits of Getting Medical Marijuana (MM) Card

Medical use of marijuana in the U.S. has been getting steady acceptance over the past two decades. It has come as a boon to thousands of patients suffering from medical conditions.

Who Is Eligible?

Florida residents added to the medical marijuana use registry by a physician are eligible. The said patients should have a qualified patient identification card.

Who Controls?

The nodal agency to dispense the MM is the Office of Medical Marijuana. This Florida Department of Health formed the office after the passage of the Senate Bill 8A.

Who Sells?

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers sell MM to patients. The list also includes patients from Jupiter and Tallahassee. Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are the registered marijuana dispensaries in the state.


Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card is indispensable to get MM. It will help you even if you are in states that allow recreational marijuana use.

Freedom of Use

In Florida, possession of 20 grams or less marijuana is a misdemeanor, and more than 20 grams a felony. You could invite a jail term of five years and a fine of $5,000.

Get Quality Products

Once you have an MM card, you will have access to quality products at cheap rates. Being a cardholder, you don’t have to pay taxes like ‘sales and use tax.’ If you don’t have a card, you will have to cough up at least 7.5% more in states where marijuana is legal.

Stronger Cannabis

Dosage in marijuana medication is important. Often, you may need stronger marijuana to ease your pain. Approved dispensaries keep such stocks. Also, if you have an MM card, you can buy more cannabis than those buying for recreational use.

Growing Option

Though not all States allow this option, a large number do. Check the laws governing medical marijuana use in your state to know more. In such states, growing pot at home is available for only those with an MM card.

Protect Your Health

Illegal marijuana often contains harmful chemicals. These include hallucinogens like PCP and toxins like embalming liquid. It will not only hurt you but also affect your mental health by making you paranoid. Such adulteration is especially found in smoking marijuana. An MM card will get you clean natural marijuana.

Number of Dispensaries

After Florida allowed medical use of marijuana, hundreds of dispensaries have come up. An MM cardholder doesn’t have to worry about where to score from. There are over 500 dispensaries across the state, including in Jupiter and Tallahassee.

Home Delivery Options

If you are an MM cardholder, some dispensaries deliver products to your home. However, this option is not available to everyone. For home delivery, you need to specify the reason for your inability to perform a direct purchase.

Hassle-Free, If You Are Genuine

A qualified physician can find out whether your condition is eligible. In the event it is, the physician can give you a recommendation letter. This letter you can submit before the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You need to be a Florida resident and should have a photo I.D. and a document to prove your residency.

Application Review, Payment

It will take around ten days to verify your application and process payment. You can renew your card online 45 days before the expiry date. It will cost you around $75. According to Florida law, you need to meet your provider twice a year for assessments.


The benefits of marijuana are only getting revealed. Researchers have already found that it can cure the ill-effects of chemotherapy. It can help you fight depression without having to worry about side effects. However, marijuana products do not come under insurance in many states.

Are you looking for Medical Marijuana Card in Jupiter or Tallahassee, Florida? Get in touch with us to know more.



Why Should You Choose Us To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Marijuana 420 Doctor has been at the forefront of helping patients get MM cards. These are the seven reasons why you should choose us.

1) We Care

We know what you are going through. Worry not, your consultation with our qualified doctors will be hassle-free and easy. In case you are wondering what we do, here they are:

  • Handholding new patients through the procedure.
  • Helping a patient renew their card
  • Renewing cards obtained through other physicians
2) Qualified Physicians

No matter where you live in Florida, be it in Tallahassee or Jupiter, we help you get the recommendation. We understand the regulations governing the use of medical marijuana (MM). We are adept at evaluating patients in need of medical marijuana.

3) Help in Time

We help you apply to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You will have to provide supporting documents. These include proof of residency and proof of identification. In Florida, both permanent and seasonal residents can apply for an MM card. Our doctors will then feed your name and details onto the Florida Marijuana Registry.

4) Strict Adherence to the Law

Well-versed in relevant Florida laws, we ensure that you get your card legally. Florida has not decriminalized the use of marijuana. If you do not get your card legally, agencies may construe it as a felony.

5) Quick Response

Our staff will walk you through the steps towards your MM card. Call us, chat with us or mail us. Our response time is one of the lowest in the industry. Please make an appointment with us to consult with an expert.

6) Efficient Consultation

Our experience in the field has helped us develop an efficient consultation method. Our questionnaire helps us ascertain your requirement. It is fast and effective, as evidenced by the accounts of scores of our patients. We can also schedule an online meeting.

7) Cumulative Strategy

Our services do not end with helping you get medical marijuana. We provide you follow up consultations to help you get accustomed. We know that patients with depression find solace in a companion animal. That is why we take it upon ourselves to provide emotional support and animal service.

If you are looking for Medical Marijuana Card in Jupiter or Tallahassee, Florida, then you are in the right place. Drop your details here.


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